Many of the Clasmeyer creations are drawn from the environs he has lived, which adds to the diversity of images. In a word, diversity best describes his eclectic sense of style, technique and function. From incredibly detailed ornate jewelry to the clean lines of minimalism, from deftly carved wax to sculpted stone, from realistically rendered people and animals to abstracts and modernism. In two and three-dimensional realms, Clasmeyer leaves no stone unturned. This diversity was born of his powerful visions within and the burning need to express those visions in the physical world. As Clasmeyer describes it, "I eat to stay alive, turning physical matter into consciousness, and complete the cycle by  transforming ideas - consciousness - back into physical reality via my creations. As in the palate of tastes of each food, so too does each idea have its proper medium of expression. One idea has to be expressed in sculptural form while another must be painted, and some present the challenge of being expressed in several mediums, each having its own path to travel to its destiny."

This self-image coupled with his dedication to mastering a vast array of tools, techniques and mediums has prepared Clasmeyer for expressing a myriad of ideas in his future.

To Clasmeyer, mentors are like tools, presenting new avenues of travel and the best way to get there. From the early years of his professional career as an illustrator in the U.S. Air Force, to the master jewelers that answered his insatiable appetite for knowledge of process and technique, Clasmeyer acknowledges and appreciates the help he has received along the way, and hopes to inspire others and pass on some of that knowledge to them.


Carl Clasmeyer was introduced to the world of beads many years ago. He found a ready venue for his eclectic sculptural style, creating a line of silver and gold beads in a market that thrives on originality.

After introducing a couple of innovative clasp designs, he found the demand for clasps overshadowed the beadmaking. Presently over 50 clasp and toggle designs and over 50 more related pendants and bead designs are offered. Many more are designed and in some phase of production, soon to be on their way to the clasp starved marketplace.

The challenge of ease-of-use and a positive holding clasp has combined Clasmeyer's engineer/draftsman technical background with his humorous flair to create some functional collectibles.